Friday, December 29, 2006

Les Schwab Invitational

For the past 2 days I've been covering the Oregon City H.S. boys basketball team playing in the Les Schwab Invitational. Thursday night they played against Oak Hill Academy from Virginia in the 2nd round. Oak Hill is the #1 ranked boys high school team in the nation by USA Today. Oregon City kept the game somewhat close in the 1st half but Oak Hill was just too strong, winning 98-71. Oak Hill is favored to win the tournament.

I was thinking about setting up a backboard remote for this game but got lazy and decided not to. Well, after getting the above image I wished I would have used a remote camera. I think that image would have looked cool shot head on.

Once the tournament is over I will add some images to my SportsShooter page.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Recent stuff

Some recent basketball images. Hope everyone is all set for the Holidays. I have one more thing to get and then that's it for me. Still enjoying my ipod. :-)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Early Christmas Presents

Jen got me an iPod for Christmas. Of course I couldn't wait to use it. I needed something to keep me company while I'm working. Sure came in handy Saturday night. We were without power for about 5-6 hours. This is my first iPod and I'm having fun with it. Now I need to get some new music to put on it. I put 170 songs on there so far with room for more.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm Back

I'm back from NY after a week away. Got back Saturday afternoon. Here are some of the images that I made.

My daughter Alison the violinist

My son Chris the big brother and all around cool kid

My brother Greg the fireman

My brother Tim and his daughter Jaiden

Even though I went for a funeral, it turned out to be a nice trip.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Live from New York.....

I'm in New York for a week to attend my uncle's funeral. I didn't have a chance to update my blog before I caught my flight so I figured I would update it now. I shot another basketball game for the Clackamas Review on Friday. Not sure if I will update this blog again while I am on the East Coast. I have my camera with me so if I get any images I like maybe I will throw them up here. I will be spending most of my time with Chris and Alison and I know I will be taking a lot of pictures of them. Anyway, if I don't update for a week you guys know why.

This game was lit with Canon speedlights. I didn't make it to the game until the second half and I was happy to be able to set something up in less than 5 minutes.

Friday, December 01, 2006

First basketball game of season

Thursday I shot my first basketball game of the season for the Clackamas Review. I had a couple of assignments on Thursday so I decided not to lug around my white-lightnings. Instead I used 2 Canon speedlights on light stands.....easy set up and easy break down. I might just have to use the speedlights more often for basketball. They fit right in my camera bag so I don't have to bring any heavy cases just 2 light stands. Doesn't get any easier than that...unless you want to shoot available light but I try not to do that too often. I like the quality I get when I add light.