Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oregon City upset 24th ranked Helen Cox (Harvey, La) 56-53 during the Les Schwab Invitational. This was the only game I shot during the tournament this year.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby Teeth

DeShaun is putting a tooth under his pillow for the first time. He is really excited about it. He had a front tooth that has been loose for a while now. I pulled it out today. It was painless...he didn't even know I was holding it in my hand. He saw some blood and got a little nervous. I showed him the tooth, which was covered in blood, and then he looked at me and said the funniest thing....."I'm not putting that thing under my pillow".....he said it exactly like that. Jen was happy she was able to be there when the tooth came out. She went out of town for the weekend and she was afraid she would miss it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shoots From Last Sunday

Had a couple of shoots on Sunday. I'm just getting around to adding a couple of images to the blog. The top image is from a senior shoot. Boy was it cold. It started snowing at the beginning of the shoot. The bottom image is from a portrait session I shot later that evening. We were inside for most of the shoot so the cold didn't bother us.

Monday, December 03, 2007

4A football semifinals

Covered a 4A football semifinal game for the Bend Bulletin on Saturday. It was a very cold Saturday. When I left my house that morning it was snowing. I was lucky that the snow stayed away from the game I was shooting. It did rain a little bit though. I forgot to bring my rain covers for my lenses so I was pretty lucky it didn't pour.
One of the things I always worry about hapening actually happened....a corrupted chip. I was able to get the images with the help of some software but I was worried at first. Anyway, everything worked out. The team I was covering won 50-49 and one of my images was the lead photo in Sundays sports section.

Recent stuff

Shot my first basketball games of the season last week for the Clackamas Review. I love shooting basketball. It's my favorite sport to shoot.