Wednesday, November 12, 2008

State Volleyball

Shot state volleyball over the weekend. 2 very long days. These are images that I used to update my SportsShooter page with.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Halftime Show

DeShaun was part of the half-time show at the McMinnville vs. Newberg football game Halloween night. The high school dance team and a few kids did Michael Jackson's Thriller dance. The kids had a week of rehearsal and got a DVD to take home to practice. I had to actually shoot the game that night so I was on the field to get a few images of him. Jen had the camcorder but for some reason couldn't get it ya honey :x
He was a vampire that night. He had make-up on but it rubbed off by the time we got to the field. We started out trick or treating kind of early. He had a party to get to then the half-time show. There was some houses he would not walk up to, not even if I walked with him. He was too scared of some of the decorations. Where we went for the party, they had a cool zombie thing that made noise and pushed itself up when you walked by it. One second DeShaun was with me about to walk up the porch and then I turn around and he is standing on the sidewalk. LOL!!!! They had to open the garage for him so he could enter the house. Too funny.