Monday, December 22, 2008

December Snowfall

We have gotten a lot of snow here. The images in the slideshow were taken on different days. Seems like everytime we look out the window snow is falling from the sky. Usually the snow stays in the higher elevations and we get a little here and there, but not this much. Rain is usually the order of the day. DeShaun's school was closed for a week because of the snow. And now he is off for another 2 weeks for winter break. He's been out playing and having a good time with some of his friends.

There are a lot of roads closed in the Portland area. The Airport had over 100 flights cancel. Traction tires and chains are required. Our cars are snowed in pretty good. Even if we got our cars out of the driveway, the roads in our neighborhood are not plowed. This doesn't happen much so it's not in the towns budget. So we are pretty much snowed in. We can walk to the store but other than that we are not going far.

Looks like there will be snow on the ground for Christmas.


At January 03, 2009 9:45 AM , Blogger photowannabe said...

My son in Aumsville, Ore. was pretty much snowed in for a while too. In fact the ice was more of a problem. Very difficult to get up and down the hill for him to get to work. Pretty scary.


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